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The Spiral of Life

The idea of leaving this earth, of passing our corporeal form, has had a very strange impact on me.

I had a rough young life and a lot of it was muddled with fear, dread, and depression. But science, my Faith, and the miracles of the world gave me brevity. One example was always the act of wine, and how the entire form of the fruit could be transformed and sculpted into a celebratory substance.

I wanted to explore the visual, confined process of transitions of phases in life, with twists and turns. As these red grapes ferment into a white wine, the illustration is to show, in a completely fantastical world, that our future is never truly linear even within the box of society.

(Song is Summer Days by Kai Engel)

In a similar vein, I wanted to preserve the more bright memories of my childhood, and framed a memory of receiving a music box. Its twinkling notes, simplified down to its essence, brought me so much calm.


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