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Two Epochs

Two epochs melting into the movement of Rubens’ light

A fleeting moment at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. with Mois Studios

This is one of my favorite museums, and inspiration for when I have my own museum 😋. I’m digitized between the drama that Peter Paul Rubens’ three acts vividly emote. This museum is, for me, as wonderous as the natural history museum and all the history of bones and biology housed there.

Similar to the biological arts and sciences, these created fine arts bring with them ingrained influence and everlasting impacts. And while we seamlessly breeze by the effects of the trifecta of humanity, nature, and art, we become the elements of this earth and these creations, this light.

When I saw this blazer and sweater from@mois_studio, it drew me in with its structure for modernity and fluttering apostrophe of a reminder of when movement and light originate.

After these ephemeral captures, we ventured over to another section of D.C. for some bubble tea!! It was BOGO and a sale, so we got six :)


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