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The Beginnings of my Living Museum

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dear World,

I have started to curate my living art museum in my living room, and have bought a backdrop stand to release my heart.

This was my first time experimenting at home with such low light, and I remember vividly how filled my heart was to be able to see the pressure I had kept within bubble out into the softness of images. I wanted to pair the muted tones of the blouse which seemed to absorb light into its wrinkles, with the satin of the scrunchie against the fading glow on my skin.

I had also started to curate my first specks of a living art museum for myself, collecting from my parents the items that they shoved into our basement for the last two decades. It always pained me a little to see how invisible so much of this stuff becomes, how inaccessible and permanently framed these art pieces become.

So in an effort to transform them from items of art to utilities of the mise en scene, I started to assemble my space - carefully, as you can see, at first. My first time taking a real, designed mirror shot began right here, with this adorable blouse from The Dallant

who gave me my first article on VICTORIAMISU.

As someone who lived in the hybrid world of tech, science, and modeling, I wanted to reclaim my own world and before victoriamisu started, I chose virtual reality as my outlet. In grad school, I chose VR educational tools as my focus (and still is).

And sitting in that spectrum of light that gently touched the floorboards of my living room, I realized that I needed to break the image of myself that belonged to the world of modeling, of having my sexuality, my race, my gender, become possessed and twisted by others.


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