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Seeping outside of frame

Seeping outside of frame and painted

in memories, gold

gilded and etched into the minutiae

details that stretch acorss

The horizons of daydreams


I've always wanted to be one of those painted women in gold frames, their moments of grace monumentalized. I wanted to extend this exploration and admiration further into how we perceive these moments now, given how easy it is to snap a quick shot to post against a white timeline, with no frame other than hearts and thumbs up and comments.

I think the framing which we choose to view our moments could exponentially increase our appreciation of these moments, and alter the way we choose to view them. Regardless of what we as humans try to do to be outside of the box, we will always have some sort of box around us simply because...we are human. I find it's important to show what our frames can look like, inside and out.

This last image above is a statement to duality, and changing how we could use our framed views.

To the outfit: I buttoned together four dress shirts for the "dress" and wore two different heels, of the same heel height. Frames are vintage finds from my parents years ago at a flea market!


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