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Quick Spin around New York

We just got back from Taiwan, and the morning after we left for NYC. I've been to NYC so many times for quick one day jobs/castings, but have never had the chance to actually explore since I was 19. We had some other family business to take care of up in ny but dedicated a few short hours (mostly spent in getting around) to go to some favorite places.

I put on my favorite Pixie Market trench coat and comfy Veja sneakers, and we went on our way. The first stop, the Gansevoort Market! It's been on my list for a while and I just knew we would find a beauty there.

So many amazing treasures and reworked/upcycled items!! Unfortunately I had a really limited budget so I wanted to buy something that shined to me. After about an hour and a a few vegan mac n cheese meals, we wandered into the backroom where even more collections revealed themselves.

Looking through my work on victoriamisu, I notice that I'm missing the touch of home, the touch of my roots. Although we do have a collection of art from my grandparents, much of it is too fragile to move, so I've been on a search for something that could remind me of them. We found this painting laid into a bamboo frame - it was a perfect modern work of the ancient traditions that I was used to growing up around.

After Gansevoort, it took us over an hour to get out of gridlock (we drove up) so we decided to swing by Chelsea Market on our way out!

And we spent some time wondering who ordered what, and how much everything cost :P We love coming here for the oysters, and watching the energy pulse throughout the halls.

The final pit stop was Gong Cha! They're now open in so many other cities but the first time I had it was here.

Unfortunately, I ran out of tea too fast so we did a combination at a NJ rest stop with Starbucks!


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