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Paintings In the Morning

Updated: May 16, 2020

If statues lived inside of golden gilded frames, I imagine it would look like this, under the sun's peeking rise.

This is the @recollectLA dress from my last post! I have been really moving into this space, and taking out all of my collected and thrifted golden pieces, taking ownership over them and giving them some life. When I'm really old, I'd like for these pieces (that I don't break) to be passed down and used, appreciated, for in future generations.

The thought of a generational heirloom always makes me think of traveling through time, and the first place my mind goes is light, of course, and the magic that it affords us. I imagine, if the statue inside of the painting had a hobby, it would be to decorate their room in this fashion and its walls would be filled with mirrors, and carefully curated framed viewpoints of mundane items arranged into artform.


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