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Life Science

黃龍病 (huang long Bing), yellow dragon disease, aka greening of citrus fruits is the culprit of the death of many citrus trees and industries, as well as the result of crucial science funding from places like the NSF.

In short, this disease causes citrus trees' immune responses to overreact, producing too much callose, and kills off the entire tree. You'll generally know the fruit has been affected when you see overall discoloration, aka lemons turning green.

I was awed by the professor at my university who has been tasked with solving this problem - what other vectors can we introduce to heal and prevent when grafting new trees? Short answer: viruses.

Viruses, small enough to penetrate and can carry RNA to disrupt the function of the bacteria causing the citrus greening disease, are an ingenious vector for healing transmission.

In this frame below, the third and final of the series, is the messier aftermath of making turning fruit on the brink of death into liquid gold.

Enjoy your citrus fruits, get into science and tech, turn your science into art. In this case of my fruit still life series, we literally cannot have one without the other.


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