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Detailed Luxury

When I started my account, I wanted to choose a name that resembled how I conduct life. I observed how other similar accounts were doing it, and decided to resurrect an old one -@victoriamisu.

I came up with this name about 8 years ago when screen names and Xanga were a thriving thing. It's Victoria + tiramisu, my favorite dessert. tiramisu is luxurious minimalism and doesn't require many ingredients. The right proportions of ingredients left to absorb for the perfect amount of time is a symphony of aesthetics and flavor.

However, one small alteration could change the entire orchestration and therefore the interpretation of the piece.

I think this cake reflects much of how I create - I source materials from thrift stores or items handed down, and if youve been following me since I started, you'll see the same items occurring over and over but set in a different tone.

To me, that's a tiramisu ❤️

,I want to just showcase how the same mirror has evolved so much for me through my exploration. In the picture above, I wanted to delve into another realm, and I started to become more honest with myself as a maximalist.

You can explore the creation of a world within the light reflections of mirrors in such fascinating capacity. Above, I wanted to connect the linear paths from the real world into the reflective world, which was the evolution of the image below.


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