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Catharsis of the Ocean

I love, love, love forever the idea of having a visual slice of the intangible ephemerality in our hands, especially through mirrors and media. We can temporarily intertwine with the earth, which itself an ever-changing entity.

A sunrise on the beach yielded a playground for my mind. On a short work trip, Jon and I ran to the beach and made magic in our few hours there. The earth is simply effortlessly cinematic ✨

Whenever I release work into the public eye, there's still always a little whisper at low decibels screaming through high frequency that there's fear to feel.

It isn't so much fear of judgment, it's fear of not being as complete as I would like it to be, that after I share, I may realize there's more to be said and done to complete my thought. But I remember that everything is a constant dialogue, a conversing duality between us and the world ever in motion.

So I leave my art to be seen, raw as it is.

I could not have done this with Jon. We woke up before sunrise at 515AM and created the film in one shot, hoping that we would keep in synch with the composition of nature as the sun yawned.


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