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Carving and on Diamonds

Resting on diamonds and light -

It is very easy for me to sway back and forth between productivity and emptying depression. I attribute it to childhood trauma, but who really ever knows. Although I'm a creative who has grasped at my own opportunities and pounded the pavement to prove myself much of my life, the amalgamation of all the stresses and trauma does start to knock harder and harder. It's no longer just a passing spell, it's usually days and weeks that it stops to visit.

In recent years, when I really started to foster courage, a voice, I started meeting people (IRL and through this account) I never thought I would who became friends, mentors, family, and Jon.

Whereas previously I had moments of emptiness and lethargy, I now also have moments of joy and hope because I experience so many caring people who have given a hand, an opportunity, a conversation, a text, etc to me when I needed it and allowed me to do the same for them, all of these strong bonds forming diamonds and crystals.

These images, part of my vintage Greek vase and crystal cup series, reminds me greatly of the aforementioned sentiment.

A sort of funny cup origin story: my parents had to buy this cup back when I was 7 because I ran into a store and accidentally knocked over its twin and shattered it. So, way back when money was incredibly tight, my parents had to drop $100 on one cup because i couldn't sit still. I hope I've put it to good use!!


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