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Awakening Art

Updated: May 16, 2020

I want to feel how our decor lives, as they watch us traipse around their corners, often forgetting that they exist. This, for me, is intentionality, of always being aware of the items we have, of being appreciative of them chosen to be in our spaces, our daily ingestion of the world. For these, I wanted myself and my loved items to become part of the same plane of view, under a stripped down color palette.

I also have started decorating the way that I want a museum to look - curated, yet chaotic, and out of the frame, out of the box. I tilted this gigantic frame to make it seem like the bust was free.

Sometimes, we have to spend more time at home around the items that we've spent our resources collecting and purchasing. We'll see that our points of view, marinating within the spaces we've curated or forgotten, will start to spin, to evolve.


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