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After a day's work

By the sun, serenading to the moonlight as it yawns into slumber and the muse of the painting retires.

Le Labo sent me their Tabac 28 scent, and it was the perfect medley for autumn. this is the trailer of the film I made for it! These are the scenes I immediately teleported to when I had a whiff of the beautifully cedar scent. I also wanted to look at the representation of cigarettes and how interwoven they are in our conscious decisioning of imagery in fashion.

SONG: February by Kai Engel

Moonlight Sonata is one of my favorite pieces to play on the piano, and accompany on violin. It’s like deep breaths of contemplation and rising, wells of condensed discovery in momentous melodies.

So naturally I tore off a page and framed it 😋 this page is from the piano sheet music, here accompanied by the violin!


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