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A swirl of gold on Earth

I'm one of the swirls of blue on this Golden gilded Earth -

I think the reason why I'm so drawn to blue and white porcelain is because, firstly, I grew up with them all over Chinese stores and home, and because it reminds me of earth.

When we discovered the Peacock Room, and that it had green walls and porcelain everywhere, I did a huge Kirby inhale out of joy. I took my porcelain blouse, necklace, and nails to meet their companions!

It is astounding, and I was overjoyed realizing that at home, I’m curating my own Peacock room in our green- walled space filled with my gold frames and mirrors and family porcelain.

Green walls, gold framing, lines of blue and white swirling in porcelain, swimming across the gold horizons... That's earth.


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