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Profiles of History

I wonder what classics will remain into human story and culture 700 years from now, and what art will they borrow from. What human made boundaries will they create and tear down, and what will art belong to? With human migration and improvement, how will current traditional clothing be appreciated or forgotten, and who will be allowed to wear it?

Autumn, for me, means lots of items that are deemed “menswear” loosely draped around sensual details as a perfect balance. It draws from silhouettes and seams that have been culturally assembled into binary corners, now proudly mixed together where menswear is simply just looser wear, and where the beret has transformed from an ancient hat to a now chic symbol.

Here with Jon at the NGADC with Giovanni II Bentivoglio by Ercole di’ Roberti, created at the height of their reign. I’m forever grateful that I grew up all around the D.C. and nearby areas, and have access to such astounding museums!



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